Since I remember I’ve been drawing. My early influences came from comic books, as a kid I read them a lot and started using used them as guides to draw my own sketches.

Most of my learning was self-taught, I’ve studied Graphic Design at the University and this is when I took knowledge of Digital Painting, which at this time was still in its early stages. I began practicing Digital Painting, acquiring this way the necessary skills and tools to make my work professional.

Today I work as digital artist and I’ve also started teaching illustration, I live in a warm Mediterranean city called Portimão, in Portugal. The works I produce covers a wide range of media and styles, such as editorial, advertisement, games, cinema, TV and comics.

1st Prize “Europe in School” committee of Europe Education Center
1st Prize of Cartoon-International Comic Book Festival of Amadora
1st Prize Share One Planet” Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition
3rd Prize Share One Planet” Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition
1st prize “International Biological Art” Euzoos XXI
Deviant Art Daily Deviations
3DTotal The Golden Eye
It’s Art CGGallery Daily selections
It’s Art CGGallery Weekly selections
Big Book of Contemporary Illustration
Darkstalkers Tribute Capcom Udon
Savoir tout faire avec Pohotshop
Dragon world
Dragon Art
Ballistic-Expose 8
2D Artist nº 60, 61, 62, 65, 67, 82, 83
Bang magazine nº 9, 13
Imagine Fx nº 4, 62
Advanced Photoshop nº 42
Computer Arts 1, 5 (portuguese)

Teacher of Illustration and Digital Painting classes in "Etic Algarve Image and Communication School"
Digital Painting Workshops "Etic Algarve"
Lecture Digital Art, "Pro Digital, FIL" Lecture digital artist study case, "Industrias Criativas"
Digital Art Exhibition, "Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes"
Lecture about my career as digital artist, "Inovação para Industrias Culturais e Criativas"
Digital Painting Workshop, "Instituto Politécnico de Beja"

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